[jobsthatareLEFT] Community Liaison -- Office of NYC Council Member Daniel R. Garodnick (Manhattan)

March 10, 2017

[jobsthatareLEFT] Community Liaison -- Office of NYC Council Member Daniel R. Garodnick (Manhattan)

The Office of NYC Council Member Daniel R. Garodnick is recruiting applicants for the position of Community Liaison.

DUTIES: The Community Liaison will serve as the Council Member's principal liaison to a geographic area in the district.

The Community Liaison will be responsible for addressing all constituent concerns from one particular neighborhood within the district.  Constituent services will include managing case work with individual constituents, coordinating with City and State agencies, and responding to constituent correspondence.  The position will also entail work on special community and policy projects for the Council Member's office.

The Community Liaison will accompany the Council Member to events, attend meetings on his behalf, assist with the preparation and execution of the Council Member's schedule, and manage the Council Member's correspondence and phone calls.

QUALIFICATIONS: A college degree is required.  Applicants must be firmly committed to assisting the office of Council Member Garodnick in its role as local representative to approximately 160,000 constituents.

The ideal, successful candidate will have exceptional analytical skills and strong research, organizational, and writing skills.  The applicant should be highly organized, focused, willing to work long hours, including some weekends, and eager to be in a highly collaborative work environment.  This is an extraordinary position for the candidate looking to gain entry to and experience in government and New York City politics.

The New York City Council is an equal opportunity employer.

SALARY: Commensurate with experience, and government sector.  Health coverage and excellent benefits package provided.

END DATE: The Council Member's term ends at the end of this year (on 12/31/17), and this position will also terminate at that time.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Interested persons should send a cover letter along with a current resume to: Marianna Vaidman Stone at garodnickemployment@gmail.com.

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